Everything you need to upgrade OEE

Find out more about our SmartMon production control solution. These are some of the most frequent inquiries we receive about our system.

The SmartMon platform is designed for all types of factories, it adapts to any type of automatic machine including manual processes. It augments productivity with a fast return of investment (ROI). In only 3 months from the implementation of SmartMon, the productivity will increase from 15% to 20%.

The parts produced are counted by IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), a Wireless device that sends the production information to the SmartMon server. Market PLCs of various brands such as Siemens and Omron can also be used.

The data is collected using a standard tablet or computer at the machine. Data such as reasons for stoppages, rejections, quality, controls, entry and exit of employees etc. are changed in a simple and fast way that doesn’t interfere with the employee’s task.

Yes, of course. You can use standard PLCs, tablets and computers for data collection. In addition, we offer an unbeatable technical support service that will support you at all times. Otherwise, SmartMon can perform the installation for you.

As an end user, no software needs to be installed as the entire environment is run directly from any browser (Chrome, Firefox). The server is then managed by SmartMon.

The price of SmartMon is dependent on the quantity of modules chosen. We offer the most competitive prices for this type of platform in both hardware and software and we offer payment facilities.

From the first day, you will obtain relevant data which can be used in order to increment the efficiency of your teams. Furthermore, with the periodic reports, you will be able to intuitively analyse the productions and trends in order to take measurements based on real information.

Yes. The first year is free. A very affordable monthly fee is then established, as updates and upgrades are regularly installed. Regarding customizations, no technical intervention is necessary to add new functions or definitions.