Everything you need to upgrade OEE

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SmartMon OEE / MES

Enables a gloval vision in real time straight from the factory.

The strategic partner that will improve the productivity of your factory.
Thanks to its ease of use, the clear information it reports and the benefits of digitalization we will be able to obtain :

  • Better OEE
  • Increase in activity
  • Reduction in costs

Data Capture

SmartMon can use various different signals from the machine, connecting it to a PLC or a wireless device. The machine will send all the information to a server and store it in real time.

The rest of the data is collected using tablets (Android, Windows) or PC’s stationed in every machine or group of machines.

This system allows easy adaptation to any machine of any manufacturer and does not require a complicated infrastructure, which makes it an economically viable solution that is easy to install.

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Our objective is to provide manufacturing companies with a comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use to obtain the process’ information in real time. We will help implement the application in any machine or production process in the simplest, most economical and functional way.

The application has been designed to introduce the data in a fast and simple way for the employee. Units manufactured, incidents, reasons for stoppages, manufacturing orders, periodic quality controls, traceability and personnel who have worked in the manufacturing process.

+15% OEE improvement

Allows you to track availability, performance and quality. It helps detect problems and quality problems, implement improvements, make decisions and optimize manufacturing processes immediately.

It simplifies quality control procedures with guidelines based on predetermined circumstances

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+25% Activity improvement

With SmartMon, you will achieve a perfect integration of the process, employees, machines and materials.

Improves the motivation of the manufacturing personnel as they actively participate in the collection of data for digitalization.

When workers become efficient, less work is required to produce the same amount.

10% Reduction in costs

Reduces both direct and indirect costs related to data collection and quality with a clear commercial impact.

Efficiently manages resources, assessing the impacts of stoppages and waste on profit.

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Everything you need to upgrade OEE